Thursday, April 12, 2007

Closing in on 25 Weeks

We had a doctor visit today, and it’s starting to feel silly blogging about each one because they’re getting more frequent and not much new has happened. We’re moving right along at nearly 25 weeks and things are going well. However, I did gain about 7 lbs. this month, so I’m going to try to make a better effort to get in a little more exercise and eat a little better. As for Trace, he’s moving around a good bit and his heart rate was 148 bpm. Also, I have a gestational diabetes screen next visit with Dr. Harris on May 3rd and we’ll begin seeing her every 2 weeks after that. Yeah, it’s getting close!

The nursery is coming along nicely, but it’s not in any real order. We did get a new rocking chair recently (an early bday gift from my parents), and Ernie’s parents got us a car seat and an extra base for Easter. We’re still waiting for our wall letters to come in. They’re expected to be here by April 25th; I can’t wait! Once they’re here I’ll be sure to take pictures and share them with you all. They’re gonna be so cute.

Well, that’s all we have to report for now. Thanks again for all your prayers and concern.

One last thing, please pray for our friends Angie and Tony. They lost their baby yesterday at 17 weeks.

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