Friday, February 22, 2008

What a Week!

What a week it's been for Trace. What's been going on, you ask? Nothing much, besides two doctor's visits and a few sleepless nights. Welcome to parenthood, you might say.

Last week, we noticed a small rash developing in Trace's diaper area. We put Boudreaux's on it but that didn't seem to help. After talking to a friend and consulting the doctor, we thought it was some sort of yeast infection and had an cream called in for that. A few days later and it was starting to spread a bit. So, on Monday we brought him in for his first doctor's visit of the week and discovered that it was ringworms.

How did he get ringworms? We aren't sure, but they are carried mostly by cats. We don't have a cat, but Trace is in day care, so its possible that someone there does. Anyway, there's no discomfort with ringworms, so he isn't feeling anything. It just worries us to see something like that on him. He is getting the correct cream this time and it should be gone in a week or so.

Now to the second doctor's visit. Ashley picked Trace up from day care on Tuesday and he sounded hoarse. We thought that he might have a sore throat, so the nurse suggested giving him warm juice. We did that and everything seemed fine until about midnight. He was up moaning and seemed overly uncomfortable. Besides short 10-15 minute naps, he didn't sleep the rest of the night. We made trip number #2 to the doctor the next day and learned that he has the croup virus. We didn't know what croup was, but it's apparently a pretty common thing for babies and almost everyone knew to run a hot shower. Oh well, we are new to this.

He's now taking a type of cortisone before going to sleep for the next few nights to keep his throat swelling down while he overcomes the virus. He slept a little better the past couple of nights, but has now entered the routine of waking up around 1:00 a.m. and again at 5:00 a.m. Not fun nights for mommy and daddy, but all in all, not too bad either.

Trace is getting so big now. He's close to 8 months old and is weighing in at 18 lbs. 7 1/2 ozs. He's been having lots of fun playing with his friends at day care and in the church nursery. He has been sitting up on his own for a while now, but doesn't show much interest in crawling. He is not a fan of being on his stomach, so he hasn't gotten much chance to even try to crawl.

Earlier this month, he went to his friends' Quint and Reece's birthday party/parade. Here's a few pictures:

The Ring also celebrated its second birthday this month! Here we are with our friends Cris and Jack:

He also enjoys going shopping now, since he doesn't have to lay in his carseat the whole time. He now rides in the buggy like a big boy. Here's a pic of him trying on his new Easter hat:

Trace is also glad that his friends the Rush's moved back to Louisiana. He enjoyed visiting their new place: