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Monday, July 16, 2012

Trace Fishing

These speckled trout didn't have a chance:

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Trace's Super Sonic Birthday!

It's hard to believe that our baby boy Trace, the same baby we've talked about since the start of this blog, turned 5 this week, that's right...FIVE!  I get teary-eyed just typing it.  To celebrate this milestone, we allowed him to choose this year's theme.  After scouring through birthday party catalog after birthday party catalog (his favorite piece of mail), he finally settled on Sonic the Hedgehog!  And after several mid-June birthday parties under our belt, we knew we had to pick someplace cool, like our favorite park/splash park!
  Keeping cool at the splash park
 Trace loved his new Sonic shirt and wouldn't take it off.  
(He's even wearing it now, actually.)
 The birthday boy!
    Pap & Fisher enjoying some birthday grub. :)
  The cake table 
    The cake!
 Let's dig in! 
 Fisher, post-cupcake consumption.  He looks like he might be in a sugar coma.
  We rented a "slush" machine to keep cool.  They were delicious!  Here's Trace triple-strawin' it. :)
 Pinata time!
 Candy Free-For-All! 
 Check out my bag o' goodies!
 Opening presents! 
 Mommy showing off my new tray with my name on it!
 Stick 'em up!
 Sonic race cars! Woohoo!
 A new Sonic school bag just in time for Kindergarten!
 We tied balloons to Fisher to serve as a tracking device! :)
 This kid had fun today! 
  Post-party present play and Dad finally gets in a picture! 
 The loot.
 Trace photo-bombed by Dad.  
 Happy Birthday, Bug!  We love you more than words can say.  You bring so much action, excitement and energy to our family and you are too smart for your own good! ;)  You're all boy and you love superheros, sports, video games, and anything outdoors.  You're an awesome helper and you're a really great Big Brother!  We love each new experience with you and seeing the world through your eyes.  You've made the last five years the best five years of our lives.  We look forward to many more years to come! 
Love - Mom, Dad, & Fisher

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Trace!

I can't believe he's already five. Time flies when you're having fun. Have a great 5th birthday Trace.






Sunday, May 20, 2012

Choo Choo...Fisher is 2! (continued)

 The grand finale to a week-long celebration of Fisher's birth was his birthday party.  It was a no brainer to go with a train theme with the way this kid loves trains.  While he is starting to show interest in other things, for awhile trains were his ONLY interest.  Here are some highlights from his big day:
 ...and more cupcakes!
 We're ready for a party!
 What's a train party without a train?! 
It's my party!

"Yummy, Tummy"
 Ready for cake! 
 I'm gonna stick my finger in it just for fun.
 Surrounded by our family and friends.
Time for presents! 
 If you've seen Fisher lately, you've probably seen him in this hat.  
He won't leave home without it.  
 Bouncy fun with my best bud, Brody, and 2 suckers in hand!
 Can you tell this kid had fun today?
Fisher, you have brought so much joy into our family and I've enjoyed spending every minute of the last two years with you.  You are the most easy-going, laid-back kid and you just follow happily along with everything we do.  Whether its going to school/sports activities with Trace or running errands with Mommy, you never complain...unless maybe it's too close to nap time. You're also one of the smiley-est kids I've ever seen.  We like to call you "our little parrot" because you repeat everything we say or anything that you hear.  You're very well mannered, which seems odd for a kid your age to always remember to say "please" and "thank you".  You are super intelligent!  You have picked up so much from Trace and quite honestly, LPB & Nick Jr.  You can identify all of your ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors.  I often wonder what's left for you to learn before you start preschool in the fall? You love animals of all kinds, blowing bubbles, swinging, building tall towers, talking to "Konka" (Monica) on the phone, playing trains and legos, playing Play Dough, putting stickers all over the house, and of course your favorite show of all-time, Blue's Clues!  You're very curious and love to explore everything...even what's not meant for you to explore.  We can't keep you out of the trash can, away from the permanent markers and paint, or out of the DVD cases...which drives Daddy crazy!  Some of our favorite words of yours are "check up" = "ketchup", "fiskin it" = "fixing it", and "ajaberry" = "strawberry".  You're a silly little ham and we love you to pieces.  
Happy Belated 2nd Birthday, Baby Boy.  Yes, you're still my baby boy and you always will be.  
I love you so much.  -Mommy