Tuesday, December 19, 2006

8 Weeks Strong...and Growing!

Today was the highly anticipated dr.'s visit and ultrasound (at least for me anyway). Today was the first time we could really see the baby and finally hear it's heart beating! I was very anxious leading up to this point; but once we could see it and hear it and know that it (and by "it" I mean he or she) was really there, I was very relieved. See pics below:

The first picture is flipped, so you can see it better. The baby is actually standing on it's head and just hanging out for now. (Maybe we have a gymnist on our hands, who knows?) I was surprised at how much it looked like a baby at only 8 weeks. You can already make out its head and limbs and what I imagine will someday be some fairly chubby cheeks! :-)

The second picture shows the heartrate which measured at 169. This is fairly high compared to what we've had in the past. I asked Ernie if he thinks it's a girl or boy and he said "girl" simply because I'm not nearly as sick as I was last time and everything just seems different about this pregancy. I'll go with his reasoning, but we'll see. And as far as that goes, we're definately leaning towards finding out the gender as soon as we can. I think we've waited long enough on things like this.

I had a gestational diabetes screen today, so hopefully that goes well. Also, the dr. put me on a round of antibiotics (not real sure what this does), but she said it would be good for me to do at this point in my pregnancy considering our history. Whatever...you're the doctor, not me. I just hate taking any type of medicine even if I know it's okay. I cringe everytime I take the low-dose asprin she prescribed, simply because it says on the bottle, "Do not take if you're pregnant."

So, that's about all the updates I've got for now about our visit. Our next appt. is Tuesday, Jan. 16th; so we'll keep you posted. Until then, keep us in your prayers.

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