Friday, May 25, 2007

31 weeks...

Today we got another glimpse of Trace and he is getting so big. He’s weighing 3lbs. 13oz., which is right on target. They measured nearly every bone in his body and pointed out all of his little parts. I got a little choked up when she said, “and there his fingers.” I’m not sure why, but I guess he just became even more real to me at that moment. They also took a few 4D images, which I think are so amazing, because you can begin to see what he looks like if you try really hard.

The first picture is of his face. (I know it’s fuzzy, but bare with me). There are two distinct bright spots on the picture. The top one is his forehead and below that is his really chubby cheek! To the right and center of the two bright spots is a dark spot. That is his eye socket, and just below that to the right is his nose. Below the fold of his cheek is his chin. He’s actually looking to the right, so just squint real hard and you can make out his face. :) Now, the long thing all the way to the right of the picture is his leg and foot coming up over his head. Not real sure how he's able to do that, but whatever...

If you're able to see what I described in the first picture, then let's see if you can go 2 for 2...
This next picture is of his leg. The bottom left corner is where is thigh begins and if you follow that upwards and then back down, that is his knee and then his calf and then his foot is pointing upwards. Now, if you're really good, you can see his little fingers placed on his knee. So cute...

The only other thing we learned today is that my amniotic fluid may be a little low. Because of this, I'll be going back next week to have it checked again, but the doctor said not to worry and just relax and drink plenty of fluids.

We have labor classes this weekend, so that should be lots of fun. Then next week we've got two doctor's appointments and we have a shower in Grand Isle on Saturday.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Due Date...July 25

Ashley had a doctor's appointment today and everything looks good. Trace's heart-rate was 130, and Ashley got the results of her bloodwork from last week. Her gluclose levels are good, but her iron level is still a little low. We have another appointment next Friday at Women's and then back to her regular doctor in two weeks.

One other bit of exciting news came when Ashley asked the nurse what our due date is and it looks like it got moved up a few days to July 25. Dr. Harris still says we'll deliver a couple of weeks early, so that puts us right around the middle of July.

In other news, we have been looking at lists and getting recommendations for pediatricians. We have gotten a few positive recommendations and have looked over lists from Women's and through our health plans. Most people have told us to interview some of the doctors, but how do you interview a doctor? "What would you do if my baby had such and such..." I'm not sure what to ask, but we'll soon see how it works because we'll meet some of them this weekend at Baby Grand.

new baby

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"My Goodness, IT IS a Boy"

The above quote belongs to the ultrasound nurse, after she asked us if we knew what we were having. Apparently, Trace wanted to make sure there was little doubt and as the nurse went on to say, he was showing it all.

Other than that funny moment, our latest doctor's visit was fairly routine. Trace is growing and measuring normally. He weighs in at 2 pounds 6 ounces. Here's his latest ultrasound photo:

He has been moving a lot lately, and as we found out at Brad and Tori's wedding, he's a big fan of piano music. Before the ceremony, there was a lady playing the piano, and Trace was moving so much, you could see Ashley's dress move. This was also the first time I was able to feel him move after many weeks of Ashley asking, "Did you feel that?" I was finally able to and it was a really awesome moment.

We go to the regular doctor on Thursday and other than a sugar test, that one will be a regular check-up visit as well.

pregnancy week by week