Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweet Sixteen & A Half!

What a great way to start off Valentine’s Day…we had an ultrasound today and got to spend the morning looking at our baby! I guess you could say curiosity got the best of us, because we decided to find out that It’s A Boy! He’s doing just fine. His heart rate is 152 bpm and he’s weighing in at 6 oz., which is right on track. I think we were both really surprised to find out it was a boy, because everyone has been telling us they think it’s a girl. After awhile, I think we kinda started to believe it. But we’re both very happy to have a boy, and we just can’t wait for him to get here. (It’s so fun saying “he” and “him” now, so I apologize if I use those terms excessively).

Here's a picture showing us that yes the baby is indeed a boy:

The first thing we did after our doctor visit was head over to Babies "R" Us to get a frame for the ultrasound pics. Ernie warned me ahead of time that I was not allowed to buy out the boy’s section of the clothes. I assured him I would not and did not even look at any. Let’s just hope I can maintain control for the next few months (that goes for both of the grandma’s, too!) Well, our next doctor visits are on March 7th for Maternal Fetal Medicine with Dr. Jakel and on March 14th for our regular visit with Dr. Harris. I was really excited that Dr. Harris let me choose the MFM doctor that I wanted because several people have told me how great Dr. Jakel is, so I’m looking forward to meeting with him.

Well, that’s all we have to report for now. If we can get the video uploaded we’ll do that real soon. Here's a picture of the baby with one of his hands on his head: