Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trace Turns 6! Part 2 - Shark Attack!

Saturday, August 29, 2013 - You had a Shark Party at Ms. Carla/Jamie's pool.  It was JAWsome!  It all started with a shark fin you spotted at Walmart and that's when you started pleading your case for a shark party for your 6th birthday.  You couldn't wait to scare people in the water!  You helped me pick out the invites and you chose your favorite colors, orange and blue to decorate with.

We asked Pop to cut out this shark for your party and you helped me and dad paint it. 

 All set up for the party! 

 We had "Sub" sandwiches, "Skinny Dippers" aka veggies & hummus, shark-shaped PB&J's & Sun Chips!

At the drink table we had "Ocean Water" and shark-finned ice cubes. 

We even had shark-infested Jello and "Shark Teeth" aka cheese for snacking. 

And no shark party is complete without a watermelon carved into a shark doubling as a fruit bowl.  You named him "Sharky".

As a "Thank You" for coming, we had shark grabbers and kites.  We also had a shark pinata and shark-shaped treat bags.  

Ready to Party!  Last one into the pool is Shark Bait! 

Duh na...Duh na...Duh na...

Swimming with Sharks & Friends

Cannon Ball!  

Trace & Daddy...Best Buds!

Time for Cake!  You even helped with making the decorations in the background.  


Your cake!  (Slightly melted)

And Cupcakes! 



Pinata Time! 

Poor Guy. 

After lots more swimming, we were finally able to lure you out of the pool again long enough to do presents. 

 Your first Ninja Turtle! 

Funny we made you a Wish List at Toys R Us, which included the game "Mouse Trap".  Apparently, several people forgot to remove their gift from the registry.  ;)  We had previously rehearsed what to say if you received a duplicate gift or something you have already at home, but you were not prepared for this and just looked at me so confused.  It gave us all a good laugh!

Bug, each year with you just keeps getting better and better.  You are growing up so fast, so we're doing our best to take in every moment.  You are so active and full of energy that's sometimes it's hard to keep up!  You start 1st grade this year and I know you're gonna do great!  You are so smart and interested in learning, especially as it relates to all things animals, space, sports, or video games.  We learn new facts from you daily and you're always correcting us on our limited knowledge of things.   You love the outdoors and camping and you CAN'T WAIT to start Boy Scouts!  I sure hope it lives up to your expectations.  You'd eat a PB&J at every meal if I let you.  But you also love Red Beans & Rice or Pizza (just cheese).  You're becoming more independent everyday, and I love to sit back and watch you learn to do something on your own, but at the same time I struggle with wanting to help you, so that you can stay my baby for just one more day.  I love you SO MUCH and I can't wait to see what this next year brings. 
Happy 6th Birthday, Trace!!!

We Love You! -Mom, Dad, & Fisher

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trace's turns 6! Part 1 - Birthday Celebration

Hey Bug, You're 6!  It's almost 2 months later and that still hasn't quite settled with me yet.  Although I'm a little behind schedule, I wanted to take the time to document how we celebrated your special day.  So, here's how it all went...

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - You woke up and asked me how tall you looked; and to me you looked every bit a 6 year old.  You got dressed (Fisher & I stayed in our PJ's, but we couldn't convince you to go out in public in your PJ's) and we all went to get donuts at Mary Lee's before Daddy headed off to work for a morning meeting.  You ordered an "LSU" donut with purple & gold sprinkles and had chocolate milk. 

Then we (me, you, and Fisher) packed up and went to a playdate at Jack's house.  Mrs. Cris set up the slip-n-slide and sprinklers for you and all your friends to play in the backyard and have a picnic lunch.  We brought an ice chest full of water balloons and they were gone in 60 seconds!  It was a great way to spend your first morning as a 6 year old.

After lunch, we headed back to BR to meet Daddy for a movie.  We went to see Monsters University!  You had popcorn and a Coke Icee and couldn't have been a happier camper. 

After the movie, we walked over to the bookstore where you picked out an ant farm. And later, we met up with Parrain Jamie and all went to Frankie's Dawg House for dinner.  It was a new experience for us; but we all know how much you love hot dogs, so we couldn't have picked a more perfect place. 

After dinner, we stopped at the snowball stand to get you a rainbow snowball, then we headed home to open presents, which included your first "Big Kid" Bible with chapters/verses, some math flash cards, Jenga, & Battleship. 

We immediately opened up the games and attempted to play Jenga, but realized very quickly this was not a game to play with Fisher in the room.  So we switched to Battleship.  You and Jamie played against me.  I wish I could say I let you win, but my competitive spirit took over.  You had so much fun learning how to play that I don't even think you noticed.  

We had a great day together with our family and friends and I know for sure you went to bed that night with a smile on your face, most likely dreaming about your party on Saturday... (to be continued.)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fisher's 3rd Birthday!

So, Fisher, you had a birthday and it was a month ago and I'm sorry.  Life has been busy and crazy and fun; so the blog sometimes takes a backseat.  But here's how it all went down.  We had your 3rd birthday party at Pretend*Play*Party (a mini-children's museum) and by far one of your favorite places to play!  We invited all of your friends for a Candyland-themed celebration:
 Your favorite game to play is Candyland; and well, you love candy, so it just seemed fitting.  I made this fun Candyland cake which you seemed to enjoy: 
You loved your Mr. Mint (pronounced Misser Mint) shirt & party hats. :)
Oh, and we had a candy bar with all your favorite candies!  
It didn't take long for your brother to make his way over to check this out. 
There were lots of friends who came to play with you.  Here's a pic of you Eli & Quinn playing in the "dirt". 
Of course, Pap & Maw Maw came too.  Here's a pic of Trace giving him a run for his money at checkers. 
Here's another pic of you playing tools with Joe & Eli. 
Let's get ready to sing! "Happy Birthday to You!"
Surrounded by your family and friends! 
And even more family/friends. You are loved, Little Buddy.
And now, it's time for PRESENTS!
You had a blast opening each one. 
That hat from Mae Mae kills me, you're so darn cute. 
It took awhile, but we finally got 'em all opened.  Now, for a family photo. 
And maybe one last visit to the candy bar before we go. ;)
Fisher, I can't even type the number 3 without getting choked up because I really cannot believe it's flown by so quickly.  You've added more love, life, and personality to our family than we ever thought possible.  You're too smart for words.  You're only 3 and not only to are you able to identify all your letters, but you know all of there sounds and you're even starting to put them together.  You can put together puzzles way faster than Daddy and you love to build things, whether it's with your blocks or your tools.  You're fascinated by animals, especially bugs and "callapillars" are your favorite.  You love to play dress up in all of your costumes and you sometimes feel lost without a hat on your head.  You love to swing "higher and faster" and you love for your juice cup to be "taller and bigger".  Team Umizoomi is your favorite show on TV, but I can occasionally get you to choose Daniel Tiger or Jack's Big Music Show.  You love stealing your brother's iPad and you love "exploring" his room.  Now if I could only get you potty trained, we'd be good to go.  Take your time, Little Bug.  We're certainly not in any rush for you to grow up.  
We love you!  -Mom, Dad & Trace