Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coolest Kid on the Block

Trace has been enjoying his birthday presents for the past few weeks. He especially likes things he can ride in that give mom and dad a workout pushing him around.

At first he wasn't sure how to ride in his Little Tikes and would drag his feet, but he's gotten the hang of it now and even climbs in it all by himself.

He's also a big fan of his Lion walker. He hasn't got turning it down yet, but he walks all over the living room with it.

The other day The Ring Kid's Community Group had an outing to It's My Party. Trace wasn't a big fan of the space walks and slides, but give him a few years and he'll love them. All of the kids had a great time.

Trace went to a wedding too. Congratulations to Spencer and Sarah!

Lastly, here are some of pictures of Trace having a great hair day:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pictures from Trace's Birthday

As I mentioned before, we had a great time for Trace's 1st birthday. Thank you to everyone who attended to share in this milestone day. Here are a few picture from the party

Trace enjoying hanging out outside before the rain hit:

Trace's cake:

He wasn't that into eating the cake:

But he loved the ice cream:

After everybody left, he checks out some of his new toys: