Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Fun

It's been a great summer so far. With Ashley being off of work for the summer, Trace has got to spend lots of time with her doing things like Mommy and Me at the Mall, Little Gym and the Stay at Home Mom's Bible Study Group.

Just after his birthday in June, we brought him to his first ever play, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and he loved it. We were worried that he might not sit still or wouldn't pay attention. But as soon as the curtain went up, he was hooked. It helped that the main character was dressed as a mouse, but he had a great time.

We've also gone to a few birthday parties and the 4th of July Fireworks Show. We've gotten to check out some of the fun things in Baton Rouge that we hadn't experienced before. One of those is Trace's new favorite place: the Splash Park in Gonzales.

We went a few weeks ago with one of Trace's friends from Day Care, Addy. Trace wasn't sure about the fountains at first, but after a little while, he was running through them and getting soaked. Mimi and Pop even met up with us that day since they were coming to spend the weekend with us. Trace has gone again with Ashley and his Mae Mae, and now when we ask him where he wants to go, he says Splash Park.

Trace and Ashley also spent a day with our friends Sharee and Olivia, and they went eat pizza and to a play land. (BTW, pizza may be Trace's new favorite food, along with meatballs. I think he could eat them everyday).

For his birthday, Mimi and Pop got him a Powerwheels F150 truck. One night, Trace and I put it together and I let him test it out on our living room floor. I'm not sure if the TV stand could take much more of this, but Trace sure did enjoy it. He needs to work on using the steering wheel, but he has pressing the pedal down.

Last weekend, Trace got to hang out with Mimi and Pop and Maw, Pap, Rhi Rhi, Nonk Eli, Kassie and Cousin Morgan in Grand Isle. We swam, ate crabs and went ride in Pap's boat ... and Trace got to take a picture with Pap and a Red Snapper that was bigger than him.

To top off an awesome month, Trace's Nanny Mikelle and Denis brought him to Chuck E. Cheese the other night. Since Mommy and Daddy hadn't gone yet either, they let us tag along.

It's been a great summer so far, and there's still a couple of weeks left. Trace still has his first trip to Texas and Sea World coming up and when we get back, his big boy room should be finished, and he'll be ready to start sleeping in his new bunk beds.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Trace is 2!

My not-so-baby boy is now 2! And to celebrate we've had more than a week's worth of parties! Besides having a party in GI with family and a party at school with his classmates; we had a party here in BR with our friends on his birthday. It was a farm-themed party because Trace LOVES animals and for awhile Baby Einstein's "On The Farm" was the only thing he'd ever watch. So of course we went all out on our baby's birthday with the help of a few friends. Jenny worked her magic with the invite! I love how they turned out:

Farmer Matt brought over his goat, Heidi, and several baby chicks for the kids to pet. This was a huge hit! Most of the kids didn't even notice the kiddie pool, swings, or the jumpy because they were too busy playing with the animals!

Dad BBQ'd burgers & hot dogs & we had lots of other fun foods to munch on, like "Hay", "Chicken Feed", and Animals in a "Mud Pitt". :) Oh, and don't forget Trace's Vegetable Garden!

The little ones played games soon after we ate, starting with a Pig Pinata and then Pin the Tail on the Cow!

Now it's time for Cake! I won't lie, I did put in a lot of time on this cake and I'm glad I did. I was pleased with the way it came out. And it was so fun for each kid to pick out their very own animal. They all loved it! Trace ate all the icing off his and then it was off to ice cream, his favorite!

Next, we were on to presents! I promise, we didn't have a single thing from us for him to open because his birthday from us was his bedding, and the grandparents had already flooded him with gifts the week before, but he still managed to have a pile of presents to open! This kid is truly blessed and loved.

By the time we were finished presents, most people had trickled out; but we still had time for some after party fun! We took silly pics and played in the pool to cool off. Trace did the traditional "poop in the pool". So we hosed him off and he got to run around naked in the backyard...what a way to end the day! Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy...We love you!