Thursday, November 29, 2007

So Big!

Trace made 5 months on Wednesday. It’s hard to believe, I know; but we are reminded each day of how big he’s getting when we get him dressed and he can’t fit his outfits; when we have to carry him around with 2 hands, when both of our backs hurt from holding him; and when we feed him cereal each night. Yes, he had his first serving of rice cereal a little over a week ago; and he’s starting to get the hang of using a spoon, just like a big boy!

He didn’t like it at first as you can tell by the pictures (he had very little patience for waiting in between bites), but he’s gotten much better and neater. Last night was the first night we fed him without both of us needing a bath afterwards. He’s doing so well that I think we’re ready to start vegetables by this weekend. It should be fun.

We have our first Parent/Teacher Conference at school tomorrow. (Isn’t that crazy!?) He’s not in trouble or anything; the teachers just like to meet with the parents once a semester and talk about the child’s development. I’m sure she’s gonna say that he’s not completely on track for a 5 month old. But I’m okay with that and so is his pediatrician, considering he was born a month early. Trace is showing signs that he’s ready to start rolling over and sitting up. He presses down on his feet and picks his whole body up, but he’s still not sure what to do after that. He scoots around a lot by pushing on his feet, almost as if he’s crawling backwards. He also lifts his head and his body just enough where it looks like he might be doing crunches, but not quite sitting up yet. My other favorite thing that he does is he’s starting to give hugs and kisses. When you hold him, he wraps his arms around you tight and when you bring him in close, he wants to suck and/or lick your face. He’s so much fun!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Geaux Tigers: LSU Homecoming

For LSU's Homecoming week, the day care center has some activities for the kids to get into the LSU spirit. Each day has a dress up theme, such as silly hat and socks day:

There was also a homecoming parade for all the kids at the center. Trace joined Ms. Crystal and Andrew in representing the Pandas class. Here's a few pictures of Trace helping to lead the parade in his "decked-out" in LSU spirit stroller:

Here's Trace with his Nanny Mikelle: