Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Haircut

Last week was haircut day for the Ballard family. Everyone one of us got a trim, even Fisher. I was hesitant to get Fisher's haircut, but he really needed it. He probably needed a haircut the day he was born, and his side burn curls had now gotten out of control. He did great and didn't fuss once. He even received a first haircut certificate.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Look Out Ace of Cakes

At the end of August, Maw, Pap and Rhi Rhi came up and we celebrated Pap's birthday and Pap got the best birthday cake ever b/c it was made by none other than Trace (with a little help from mom).

Here's Trace testing out the batter to make sure it's just right:

Also, making sure that the icing and sprinkles go well together:

Adding a little color:
Finally, the masterpiece is ready:

Everyone enjoyed Pap's surprise party:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Summer in Pictures (Part II)

Onto Part II of the Ballard summer in pictures. If you missed Part I, you can check it out here.

During the summer, Fisher started to eat his veggies. We've had some ups and downs with getting him to get the hang of eating "food," but he's getting better. Peas and carrots are working out better than sweet potatoes and squash did.

While Fisher was learning to eat, Trace has been improving in the potty training area. I'll save you some pictures, but let's just say he loves to show off.

Ashley and Trace took a "mommy and me day out" and visited Pottery Works for a little painting (check out the great picture of mommy that Trace took):

One of the cool things we found out about was kid's movies at the Grand Cinema during the week. It was $4 for a movie, popcorn and a drink. Too bad we only learned about this toward the end of the summer.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Ballards became members of Baton Rouge Zoo this summer. Even though it was almost unbearably hot, we made it to the zoo a few times:

This summer our church held a Wee Kids Camp for the kids too young to go away for camp. The kids learned Bible stories, a memory verse and did some arts & crafts, and the week ended with a pool party:

One of the highlights of the summer was going to the Lawrence family adoption party. Not only did we get to celebrate with a great family and friends, there was a water slide. It was tough to get Trace on the slide at first, but then it was tough to get him off of it:

One of Trace's favorite places to visit in Baton Rouge is the mall. Here are a few pics from various trips there.

Trace loves to ride the carousel, especially Mike the Tiger:
Enjoying some samples at Menchies:

Riding in a spaceship:When Maw Maw and Rhi Rhi came up one weekend, they brought Trace to Build a Bear at the mall, and he left with a Mike the Tiger dressed as Woody from Toy Story ... and a red car for him or Fisher :) to ride in:
Trace loved cutting grass with Pap in Thibodaux. He liked it so much, he didn't want to get off the lawn mower, even after falling asleep a couple times:

Time to roller skate:

Trace enjoyed going to Uncle Josh's house to watch the Saints first preseason game. Here's Josh telling Trace all the reasons to root against Tom Brady:

Just say "I want free flip flop cookie" at Cookies by Design, and low and behold, you get one:

Checking out the annual Baton Rouge Balloon Fest:

Trace went through Little Gym this summer and recently started Chopsticks (beginning karate) classes. He did Little Gym last summer too, and he's like an old pro now:

We'll leave with with a few shots of the Ballard boys in action:

Last, but not least, of course Maw Maw and Rhi Rhi bought Fisher some blue jeans diapers: