Sunday, July 08, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

On Sunday, July 1st we were discharged from the hospital and were finally able to take Trace home with us. After a long day of immunizations, birthplace photos, carseat checks and what seemed like so many other things to do before we could be discharged; at 3:00PM, we were able to head home. Ernie met us at the front door with the carseat installed, sunshades on the windows (even though it was raining outside) and a CD of children's songs playing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". And we're not ashamed to admit, we sang to him the whole way home! We were so giddy...The first thing we did when we arrived home was introduce Trace to his big sister, Phoebe. We were both a little nervous at first to see what she would do; but she was so excited to have us back home, that she didn't seem to mind him at all. She just loves to smell him and look at him. We're not sure she even knows what he is yet, but she is very intrigued by him. I can tell Phoebe is going to love her little brother!
I can't say enough about what a GOOD baby Trace is. He sleeps a lot and only wakes up for feedings and changes. The hardest part is keeping him awake long enough for him to eat. He loves to snuggle and as long as he's clothed and fed, he's very content. He sleeps by our bed in his pack and play for now, until I get the courage to leave him in his nursery by himself. (Not sure if that will ever happen, since I can't take my hand off of him at night.) :)
Other than sleeping and eating, we've started trying to read him some books. First, we read to him "Goodnight M00n". We're also playing with a few toys, like his Baby Einstein blocks. But mostly, he just lays in our arms and hangs out with us. His daddy already has him addicted to "Man Versus Wild", which Mommy isn't too crazy about.
This week has been an amazing week for all of us and we are loving being Trace's parents. Can't wait to see what happens in the many days, weeks, months, and years to come!