Monday, April 22, 2013

Fisher's 3rd Birthday!

So, Fisher, you had a birthday and it was a month ago and I'm sorry.  Life has been busy and crazy and fun; so the blog sometimes takes a backseat.  But here's how it all went down.  We had your 3rd birthday party at Pretend*Play*Party (a mini-children's museum) and by far one of your favorite places to play!  We invited all of your friends for a Candyland-themed celebration:
 Your favorite game to play is Candyland; and well, you love candy, so it just seemed fitting.  I made this fun Candyland cake which you seemed to enjoy: 
You loved your Mr. Mint (pronounced Misser Mint) shirt & party hats. :)
Oh, and we had a candy bar with all your favorite candies!  
It didn't take long for your brother to make his way over to check this out. 
There were lots of friends who came to play with you.  Here's a pic of you Eli & Quinn playing in the "dirt". 
Of course, Pap & Maw Maw came too.  Here's a pic of Trace giving him a run for his money at checkers. 
Here's another pic of you playing tools with Joe & Eli. 
Let's get ready to sing! "Happy Birthday to You!"
Surrounded by your family and friends! 
And even more family/friends. You are loved, Little Buddy.
And now, it's time for PRESENTS!
You had a blast opening each one. 
That hat from Mae Mae kills me, you're so darn cute. 
It took awhile, but we finally got 'em all opened.  Now, for a family photo. 
And maybe one last visit to the candy bar before we go. ;)
Fisher, I can't even type the number 3 without getting choked up because I really cannot believe it's flown by so quickly.  You've added more love, life, and personality to our family than we ever thought possible.  You're too smart for words.  You're only 3 and not only to are you able to identify all your letters, but you know all of there sounds and you're even starting to put them together.  You can put together puzzles way faster than Daddy and you love to build things, whether it's with your blocks or your tools.  You're fascinated by animals, especially bugs and "callapillars" are your favorite.  You love to play dress up in all of your costumes and you sometimes feel lost without a hat on your head.  You love to swing "higher and faster" and you love for your juice cup to be "taller and bigger".  Team Umizoomi is your favorite show on TV, but I can occasionally get you to choose Daniel Tiger or Jack's Big Music Show.  You love stealing your brother's iPad and you love "exploring" his room.  Now if I could only get you potty trained, we'd be good to go.  Take your time, Little Bug.  We're certainly not in any rush for you to grow up.  
We love you!  -Mom, Dad & Trace