Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Go Panthers!

This fall, we signed up Trace for his first organized sports league, flag football at Istrouma. Not only was this his first sport to play, I signed up to help coach his team, The 4-5 year old Panthers.

While there were lots of frustrating moments (getting eight 4-5 year olds to snap the ball, hand off and run straight doesn't seem like it would be too difficult), there were so many awesome moments during the season. The best of which was getting to spend some extra, quality time with Trace.

Trace got to make some new friends and really enjoyed playing flag football. I'm not sure he has all the concept down pat, but he really enjoyed snapping the ball and handing off. Every now and then, we were even able to convince him to run with the ball (most of the time, he ran straight ahead too).

Ask him about playing flag football, and he's sure to tell you about the touchdowns he scored and here's the video of him scoring in his last game:

Growing up and playing sports, I always wondered about how it will be when I have kids and get to coach or play sports with them. Looking back now that the season is over, it was such an amazing time, and it will be memories I'll never forget. I can't wait for the next sport he plays, and I can't wait until Fisher gets to play too ... until then, he has fun watching his big brother play.