Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Easter (a little late)

We're a little late getting this posted, but April turned out to be such a busy and fun month for us. Trace had a great 2nd Easter and is at the age where he can really start enjoying everything that comes with the holidays.

For Easter, Trace participated in a few egg hunts and it turns out he's pretty good at it. They had their first egg hunt at school, but the big egg hunt was on Saturday. Our church, The Ring Community Church, hit more than 1,200 eggs at Highland Road Park. Trace got an early start (he started finding eggs before the hunt started) and found all sorts of eggs, even the camouflaged ones.

After the hunt, Trace rode in the wagon with Jack and Reese, ate a hot dog (and candy from the eggs), played in the park and checked out Mr. Matt's goat. Not a bad way to spend a spring Saturday.

Saturday night, our friend Leslie came over and we dyed eggs. Trace got to color on eggs and had a great time putting stickers on them (we're still finding stickers all over the house). We made a variety of eggs from Elmo to football to Disney Princesses. Bet you can't guess who made each egg? Elmo (Ashley), football (Leslie), Princesses (Ernie).

Sunday morning we woke up and the Easter Bunny had come! Trace had some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books and keys in his basket, along with candy of course. He played with his keys and then enjoyed M&Ms and a peanut butter egg for breakfast. What else are you supposed to eat on Easter morning?
After a hardy breakfast, we had another Easter egg hunt and then went to Denis and Mikelle's for a BBQ and what do you know...they had an Easter egg hunt there too. But Trace found a huge egg (actually a soccer ball) and his egg hunting was over.

Sunday night we all got dressed up and went to church. After such a busy day and no nap, Trace fell asleep on the way to church. We tried about 20 times to get a family photo, but Trace was having no of it. What do you expect from someone who eats peanut butter eggs for breakfast. We finally got a good one and Easter was complete.

Trace and Leslie:

Ernie, Trace and Josh:

One of the many attempts at a family photo: