Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bonus Visit

Okay, so don’t freak out cause it’s nothing major, but I got into a little fender bender last night. The roads were wet and my breaks just wouldn’t catch. I rear-ended a sweet little lady in a small pickup. There was no damage to her car and only a small dent in my bumper. I did panic a bit and called my doctor. I got the nurse on call, Annette, who recognized my voice right away. (How reassuring is that?!) She told me not to worry, but if I wanted to come in for a check up I could. So I went in this morning and everything looks fine. The heart rate measured at 156 bpm this time. Also, I still seem to have this rare bacteria lingering, so she put both me and Ernie on another round of antibiotics. Otherwise, she said everything looks great and I’ll still have my regular appt. on Feb. 14th.

An update on the nursery…Ernie put together the dresser which looks nice, but now I’m all thrown off on how to arrange the furniture. If you’re good at this sort of thing and want to come by and give me some advice, I’m all for it. Plus, I really think Ernie might kill me if I ask him to move things around one more time. :-)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

12 Weeks...can July just get here already

We just had our fourth doctor's visit since finding out that we were pregnant. Everything is going well, and they measured the baby's heart rate at 163 (it was 169 last month). There was a little bit of nervous tension while waiting for the nurse to find the heart rate with the baby monitor, but everything turned out to be fine and eased our worries. We go back in a month for a check up and ultra sound, so we're excited about that.

We've been debating the pros and cons of finding out the baby's gender, and we're not sure which way we are leaning now. This is a tough decision for us but we still have some time to decide.

We have some work to do in our nursery. Nothing major, but the baby's dresser came in two separate boxes. Looks like some assembly required. Guess this will be a good time for us to start focusing on getting the spare room to look more like a nursery and less like a junk room. It's not too bad right now, but we need to do a little cleaning out of our extra stuff.

Only a little more than 27 weeks left...sounds like a long time, but July will be here before we know it.

By the way, WHO DAT?!

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